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The best beaches around Peniche and Baleal

Peniche region is probably one of the richest in Portugal regarding sea and wind conditions for watersports as well as for the quality of fish and sea food. 
For surf and golf lovers, Peniche region is one of the kind and a very well known stage for the best athletes in the world every year.
Peniche Beaches
Lagido Beach

Lagido Beach

This beach is very well known due to its location (right by the island of Baleal) and its cristal clear shallow waters.

Its name comes from the horizontal stone slate that allows some perfect shaped waves for surf and bodyboard.


For sun bathing this is one of the perfect beaches because it is served by several restaurants, where you can taste delicious fresh fish plates with a one-of-a-kind view over the sand and ocean.


Here you can enjoy the west faced coast of the region and all it offers, long white sand coast protected by yellow stone hills.

Baía Beach

Just like Lagido Beach, Baía and Baía "little corner" are separated by Baleal island´s road access and its sand bank. 

A 3km sand bay that allows you to run or walk from Baleal to Peniche without a single obstacle. Always with a great panoramic view of Peniche and Baleal on the horizon.


This beach is huge and offers all conditions for those who enjoy sitting next to bar/restaurants or simply sit in a discrete and low-profile location without being bothered by others.


As a bonus, here you can experience the best sunset. Every day.



Baía Beach
Supertubos Beach

Supertubos Beach

This is the primary stage for the World Surf League Championship stage in Portugal in October every year.

All the professional star surfers come around to experience the most perfect tube waves in the world.


With unique conditions this is an unique beach that cannot be replaced by any other. Long white sand banks and perfect also for wind sports, this is the beach you have to visit when spending some time in Peniche and Baleal.


Come and try some "rights" and "lefts" in these cristal clear waters. You will not regret surfing in these sea sand bottoms for sure!

Almagreira Beach

Also know as the secondary stage for the World Surf League Championship stage in Portugal, Almagreira is not a mainstream spot for everyone. 

With the right conditions, this is probably one of the most beautiful and consistant waves in Portugal.


With a few rocky bottoms, low tides have to be surfed wisely.


This beach is also perfect for those beach lovers who enjoy less populated beaches.

These yellow stone hills provide perfect spots for spending a great day at the beach among friends.

Almagreira Beach
Del Rey Beach

Del Rey Beach

At Del Rey beach you can have an ocean swim after a golf morning or afternoon in Del Rey Golf Court or a day at the Óbidos Lagoon.


This beach is close to Almagreira and Pico da Mota, and offers similar conditions for surfing and kyte surfing.


An endless sand coast and less rock bottoms than in Almagreira can make the right option for you.


We can tell you how to get there.

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