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Baleal Island

Baleal Island

Being the ex-libris of Peniche region for spending holidays or vacations, the Baleal Island is not really an island... it´s more like a small peninsula, separated from the mainland just by a narrow access road (called a tombolo) and two opposite beaches: Baía and Lagido.


Perfect for a walkaround, the island is perfect for a romantic incursion through the rocky cliffs around it and to spend some time watching the most perfect sunset of all.


Located 3km north from Peniche, its coastal shape, namely the bay and northern strip of coast associated with Baleal create unique conditions in Europe for the practice of surfing and body boarding.

Cabo Carvoeiro

Located on the west extreme of Peniche peninsula, this cape stands beside the Atlantic ocean with its great geographical and geological value.


From here you can see the Berlengas archipelago, facing west. You can also visit the 25 meter tall Lighthouse, which has been built in 1758 due to several ship sinkings in the region.


You can also take a look over the smal chapel of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios and its precious ceramic tile panels from the XVIII century.



Carvoeiro Cape
Berlengas Islands

Berlengas Islands

The Berlengas archipelago is a group of small islands located 10 to 15 kilometres west from Peniche peninsula.

There is only one habitable island, Berlenga Grande, having had its first human settlement in 1513 with the construction of a monk monastery with the purpose of helping the frequent shipwrecks on the surroundings.


This was a very desirable target for pirates, back in the day. There were several attacks from Barbary Coast (which now is known for Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Lybia). 


In 1655 the existing Fort was built after the monastery has been demolished after disease and severe weather conditions that forced the monks to abandon the island. 


Berlengas islands are part of the classified reserves list from UNESCO´s Man and the Biosphere Programme.

Óbidos Castle & Oldtown

Óbidos is probably the most Historic location in Peniche surroundings. With its mourish influences from the VIII century, both Castle and Oldtown reveal all their charm to their visitors.


Having also survived the 1755 earthquake, Óbidos has resisted against History. 

You must visit Óbidos and try the local alcoolic drink, called Ginginha, and served in small chocolate cups.


Chocolate is also a very familiar topic in Óbidos. There is an annual Chocolate Festival that is visited by thousands every year.


One of the most popular events in Óbidos is the Medieval Festival, where you can feel and breathe this medieval ambience where all people and animals are "dressed" accordingly.



Nazaré has been on the news lately because of the biggest wave ever surfed by Garret MacNamara in November 2011. A 30 meter wave...


The lighthouse over North Beach (praia do Norte) is one of the most photographed spots in the last 5 years in Portugal.


Perfect for a fish meal tasting and to explore its local touristic attractions (village, "sítío" and beaches), Nazaré is located north from Peniche.


Don´t miss the traditional "seven skirts" costume from Nazaré women. It´s relatively easy to find local women dressed tradionally, selling fresh fish, seafood or souvenirs. 

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