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Sports & Activities

Surf, Bodyboard and SUP

Surf, Bodyboard & SUP


Peniche is very famous as a global location for surfing and for all kinds of watersports.


With an unique geography regarding coastlines and sea conditions all year round, Peniche is a must visit spot for all sea lovers.


Peniche´s beaches are all part of your surftrip´s mandatory stops. Come and explore them all!

Kytesurf & Windsurf


Being the wind another personality feature of Peniche region, an exclusive stage for wind driven activities like kytesurfing, windsurfing, sailing and others.


In Peniche you will have the possibility to enjoy the wind the best way possible! 


Endless white sand beaches with perfect conditions to have the time of your life.



Kytesurf & Windsurf
Running & Cycling

Cycling & Running

With dedicated pathways for jogging and cycling, Peniche and Baleal offer unique conditions to exercise during your stay at our flats and houses.


Here you can use your bycicle to go to the supermarket, the beach or the restaurant.


Outside the city limits you can also find natural paths and courses to explore the region and discover unique landscapes for your future memories while you keep healthy and fit.




Golf is another reason to visit Peniche and Baleal. With a few of the best golf courses in Portugal, here you can master yous skills as a professional or an amateur golfer.


Golf courses at Del Rey, Béltico and Bom Sucesso make the best possible landscapes for your golfer vacations.


18 holes with an ocean view and an exclusive horizon is probably what make these golf courts one of a kind in Europe.


If you have never tried golf we can set you up with some golf lessons for your perfect start!

Golf in Portugal
Del Rey Beach

Beach Sports

In our beaches you have the space and conditions to practice all kinds of beach sports.


Endless plain sand coasts provide the right setting for a beach soccer game among friends or a beach volley match for example.


After the game you can always take a dive in these cristal clear waters.


Don´t forget to wear sunscreen. Baleal sun tans more than you could expect!

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